Peek, Peak, and Pique

Hello, Fairy fans! As I enjoy a fabulous lunch of black beans, kale, green olives, and Gardein's crispy tenders, I started wondering about common grammar mistakes due to homophones. While there are many examples (and I'll probably discuss each of them at some point), today we're covering the differences between peek, peak, and pique. Because … Continue reading Peek, Peak, and Pique

Bring vs. Take

Hello my little darlings! When I originally started this blog, I wanted to address mainly common mistakes that irritate me (such as not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're", because... COME ON!) Yet, as I've received feedback from my lovely readers, I've realized that: (a) there are certain mistakes I should be more understanding … Continue reading Bring vs. Take

Less vs. Fewer

Hello, little darlings! After a brief hiatus on my usual grammar rants, I have decided it's time to post again. So here I am, to tell you about a very common mistake: Using "fewer" and "less" interchangeably. This one's actually very understandable, since when we think of "fewer," we think of "less". So if you … Continue reading Less vs. Fewer