Colombia vs. Columbia

Hello, my lovely munchinks!

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged, I was a bit concerned about not remembering my user name and password!

The reasons for my hiatus were hurricanes Irma and hurricane Maria. This is because even though I’m a fairy from Fairyland, I am also from Puerto Rico (fairies can be from two places at once); and so is my family. So September was a pretty awful month from which little by little, we’re all trying to recover from.

That said, this morning I received a lovely message from one of my favorite readers, John, who posted on my Facebook page that he misses my blogs and hopes I am well. It was a short, but heartfelt message that got me back in gear.

Today, we’re going to look at the differences between Colombia and Columbia. Once again, this is an example of words that a lot of people seem to think are interchangeable (or that only one spelling exists and they stick with it). This is not the case.

COLOMBIA is a country in South America; home of some of the world’s best coffee, vallenato, and Shakira. Notice how there is no “u” anywhere on that word. COLOMBIA. COLOMBIA. It’s really easy, really. COLOMBIA. Put in a little effort, please.

Columbia is the “C” in DC (as in, our nation’s capital), and the name of the Ivy League university in New York City. I hope none of their students refer to the country by the name of their university; because if they do, their admission should be rescinded.

That is all, little lovelies. Short and sweet, like a fairy. You know what else is short and sweet? To contact your legislators asking them to please work out better logistics to help Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands; because at the rate things are going right now, it’s going to take years for people to get back on their feet. If we can find Bin Laden, we can help our fellow citizens.

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

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