Who’s vs. Whose

Hello, friendly people of the world!

I don’t have anything witty to tell you about this morning; although I did get a new kind of glitter to sprinkle all over the world as I tweedle and hover around the starry night sky, so that’s exciting!

But I digress. Let’s stay on topic: Today, we’re discussing the difference between who’s and whose, which should be a simple lesson.

Just as with you’re, they’re, should’veetc…, when you use “who’s”, you are referring to a contraction of “Who is”:

“Who’s going to Nepal next summer?”
“Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?” 

“Who’s still drinking Bacardí after the stupid We Are The Night commercial?” And so on, and so forth. ‘Cause you know. Your social media game has to be super strong and leave ’em wanting more.

Whose line is it anyway?

Whose refers to the possessive of who:

“Whose shoes are these?”
“Whose  idea was it to create (and film, and approve, and pay for) that Bacardí commercial?”

And so on, and so forth. Always ask yourself: If I said “Who is…” would the sentence still make sense? If so, use “who’s”. If doing so makes you sound like you’re on crack, put down the Bacardí, and use whose.

That is all for today.

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

PS: I don’t care. I’ll still drink Bacardí if that’s what’s around. Only the finest rums come from Puerto Rico.

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