Woman vs. Women

Good day, beautiful people!

Have you seen that new Wonder Woman movie yet? Do you know who was the first woman to ever fly an airplane, by herself, across the Atlantic Ocean? Have you ever used a public restroom in an English speaking country? You know, the kind that says WOMEN at the entrance?

Do you know the difference between “woman” and “women”? Because let me tell you something, my sweet little buttercups. They’re not interchangeable. When you write as if they were, it rains acid in tiny towns and a goblin starts to cry.

Woman vs women

You see, the reason Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman and not Wonder Women, is because she is one single  woman (as in singular, darling. I couldn’t care less about her relationship status). I’ll repeat it: in the singular (meaning only ONE), you’re talking about a woman. If it makes it easier to remember, think: “A woman.”

When you are referring to the plural (two or more), then you say women. That’s why the restroom sign says women: Because it’s available for all women (i.e. more than one) who need to use it.

Alright, men and women who read me; I hope I’ve cleared up this conundrum. May you all have a peaceful day full of blissful walks underneath bright cherry blossoms, all-encompassing universal harmony, and large silver trays of chocolate and wine.

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter



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