Stationary vs. Stationery

Once upon a time, in a far away land named Brisbane, there lived a lovely florist by the name of Marie Claire (ok, so she still lives there now). She makes the most beautiful flower arrangements, then takes pictures of them to post them on her lovely blog, Poppy and Myrtle (isn’t that name delightful?)

One evening, as she tried on a dress that was made for her by singing mice, she pondered out loud: “Oh, Fairy Godwriter, do you think people will ever learn the difference between “stationary” and “stationery”? (I know they sound the same, but I knew what she meant).

She wept in sorrow as she remembered comments posted on online forums, wherein people would confuse the words. Her mice felt awful, and they sat down around the room, their whiskers downtrodden, their forlorn faces resting on their tiny hands.

A dream is a wish your heart makes…

As soon as I heard the distress in her voice, I realized that it was true: People do need me  to help them with this! So I picked up my magic wand, and wrote with glitter in the air:

Stationary refers to when something (or someone) is not moving. For example, those awful stationary bikes at gyms that people only use on January 2nd. They pedal and pedal, but the thing doesn’t go anywhere! That’s why they’re called stationary bicycles, darlings.

Stationery refers to beautiful paperwork and envelopes, in which generations, other than millennials, write handwritten letters and notes to their loved ones.

The mice perked up! “Marie Claire! Marie Claire! Look! Look Cinderell- I mean, Marie Claire!” they said in unison in their squeaky voices.

The florist stopped crying, looked up at the silver cursive handwriting on the air, and smiled.

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, a dream that you wish, will come true…

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

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