Complement v. Compliment

Hello, my little sweet cakes!

As I sit here, eating my multigrain crackers and hummus, I started scrolling through social media. Once again, I am flabbergasted at how all these crazies think that spelling and grammar are things you can make up as you go along!  Either our education system in the United States is trash, or people are not reading books once they graduate from high school (which explains a lot of orange…) Ah, sorry. I diverted my attention to something else. Back to our regular programming.

Listen, darlings, just because two words sound the same way, it doesn’t mean that you get to use them interchangeably. We’ve covered this so many times.

Thankfully, I am here to add my little ray of sunshine! Let’s proceed, shall we?


When something goes hand in hand with something else, or an item completes another one, it is said that these items complement each other: Ying and yang, veggie burgers and fries, Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski, Luke and Leia, Han and Leia, the entire galaxies of the universe and Leia. 


When someone tells you something nice or gives you praise, this is called a compliment: “You look really nice when you wear royal blue” , “The way you express yourself reminds me of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” “You are such a great writer!”

It really is that simple. And if you don’t remember, there’s always Google… Or books. Books will do wonders for your vocabulary!

Have a wonderful day, munchkins. May the Force be with you.

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

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