Wanna go to Puerto Rico With Me? (When to say “me” and when to say “I”)

¡Hola, mis queridos lectores!

Did I confuse you much, my lovely dumplings? I just wanted to make sure you knew there are words in Spanish other than “despacito“. I’ll switch back to English… for now.

So today’s lesson will have some of you rolling your eyes with a “who cares, as long as you understand what I’m saying?” complaint. If that is your way of seeing things, carry on about your day. But if you care about giving the impression that you earned your high school diploma, keep reading.

How many of you like to tell stories about how “my friend Sarah and me went to that concert,” or about how “me and my boyfriend saw that movie last night?”

*Deep breath*

Here’s what I have to say about that: “NO!”

So how do I know how to say it correctly?

I could turn this into a proper English lessons and talk about subject pronouns and object pronouns, but I’m sure I’d lose a good portion of you reading this (I linked those explanations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, although I doubt she needs them).

I’ll make it easy for the rest of you: A good way of remembering whether you should use “me” or “I”, is to say the same sentence as if you were the only noun: Would you say: “Me went to that concert,” and “Me saw that movie last night”; or would you say: “I went to that concert,” and “I saw that movie last night”?

If the answer is “I”, then even if you include an additional noun in the sentence, you’d still use “I”: “My friend Sarah and I went to that concert.” “My boyfriend and I saw that movie last night.”

If you would say “me”, keep it the same way as if you were the only object in the sentence:

“The magic carpet took Aladdin and me to the Caribbean,” vs “The magic carpet took Aladdin and I to the Caribbean.” Take out Aladdin. “The magic carpet took ME to the Caribbean.” Therefore, even when you insert Aladdin back into it, you say “me.”

I hope this clarifies it for you all. Have a magical rest of the day!

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

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