Heels vs Heals

Hello lovelies!

Let’s talk about shoes. Personally, I used to love wearing high heels and platforms, because they make us look oh so fabulous! Then I realized: Listen, I’m not going to the Academy Awards. I’m not hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker (not yet), what’s the point of all that pain and blisters? Plus, I’m a fairy, so I get to most places by flying anyway.

So I decided to spend my money on running shoes, because if I’m going to actually stand on the ground, I might as well do something healthy and productive. And my feet began to heal. Now they’re always comfortable and happy; and maybe if I someday do meet any of the Sex and the City ladies, I’ll just hang out with Miranda, since she’s with the 10 minute mile group at Central Park. Because who wants to wear painful shoes anyway?

So what’s the difference?

If you were paying attention, little darlings, you noticed that heels  refers to shoes. It also refers to the underside of the back portion of your foot, which is why those type of shoes are called high heels [cue the Toy Story aliens].

Heals refers to a cure, or restoring health. If you knew that, you’re probably already within my social circle. If you didn’t, now you do and we can be friends. #LuckyDay

PS: Badgley Mischka does make comfortable heels, so I’ll give them that. Someday, I’ll give Loubotins a try, but that day is not today.

Much love,

The Fairy Godwriter

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